Book Character: Captain Jesse Logan

Following the Union army’s entry into Knoxville, Tennessee in September 1863 Captain Jesse Logan was assigned as a Mounted Infantry Company Commander under the overall command of General Ambrose Burnside. Captain Logan’s principal duties included scouting for Rebel Cavalry but also, having spent much of his youth in East Tennessee, and because of his familiarity with the Knoxville and East Tennessee area, he spent much of his time soliciting food from local farmers to feed General Burnside’s army.

East Tennessee was a productive agricultural area, the people were friendly toward Jesse Logan and the Union Army and his efforts met with considerable success.

Captain Logan, with two other Union captains, also located about forty flatboats which they used to transport foodstuffs from up the Holston (now the Tennessee) River at night under cover of darkness and fog.

Those efforts managed to feed the Union army for several days and drew the appreciation of General Burnside, complementary of Captain Logan’s work.

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